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Thursday, December 2, 2010


“Cinema Exposes the Injustices
that Get Buried in Time”-
T V Chandran
T V Chandran’s films are firmly founded on his strong convictions
on political identities, ideology and his fears about those on the
periphery, irrespective of gender and  social stratification. Born in
Thalassery, in Kannur district of Kerala, his growing years were
greatly influenced by the early stirrings created by the inroads of
Communist ideology in the area. There are no picture postcard
frames. Each frame  pared to reveal the reality sans masks.  Most of
Chandran's films are centred on women —Hemavin Kathalagal,
Mangamma, Aliceinte Anweshanam, Susanna, and Bhoomi
Malayalam, directed between 1985 and 2009. In Dany, with an
apparently a male lead, Chandran  has,  in a masterly handling of
the script, given an undeniably significant space for the woman.
In his recent films, Paadam Onnu Oru Vilaapam, and Kathaveseshan,
the filmmaker pans on the fraying social fabric of the land.

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