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Thursday, December 2, 2010


“I love to play with clichés. However you have to take them on,
break them, spin them around, take pleasure in them.”
Maria Novaro, a director from Mexico belongs to the
group of Mexican filmmakers who emerged in the 1980s,
and carried the influence of
Colectivo Cine-Mujer
Film Collective). The strong directorial voice, the narrative
style, and the themes she handles are a legacy of this
experience. Born in Mexico in 1951, Maria studied
Sociology and film production before she began her
film career with Mexican filmmaker, Alberto Cortas.
The rise of women filmmakers like Maria Novaro was
possible because film unions which dictated terms and
had sexist regulations were disbanded in the late 70s.
These changing dynamics facilitated the rise of the
current generation of Mexican film directors, of which
one third is female. Her  Short Film
Una Isla Rodeada de
(1985), gave an indication of her thematic concerns
and the womanist presence in her productions.

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