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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Amrit Gangar
we are living in different times, so does
cinematography. There could be many reasons for
such a change of environment – both about making
and viewing films today. Multiplexes within
shopping malls have greatly impacted the behavior
and expectations of spectators. It is perhaps more
about consumer-product relationship and comfort
zones. And about feel good, perhaps!
An interesting thing happened very recently during
the Mumbai Film Festival (21 – 28 October 2010).
Occasion: Girish Kasarvalli presenting his latest film
Kanasemba Kudureyaneri
in Kannada
Riding the
Stallion of a Dream
in English (2010), in a multiplex.
While introducing the film, he told the film festival
audiences that his film was non-linear in its structure
and that they should not get confused. As I could
make out, his ‘appeal’ was based on his prior
experience in Karnataka when the audiences had
found the film not straight and simple enough to
comprehend. When he was speaking in a Mumbai
multiplex, intuitively I was thinking of Jean-Luc
Godard for his radical departures from the
conventional linear film narratives. And indeed, in a
few minutes later as the screening began, I saw him
right there – on the screen – in a quotation.
Kasaravalli had chosen to quote him through his
well known statement: “A story should have a
beginning, middle, and an end but not necessarily
in that order.” Godard had said it nearly half a century

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