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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

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Death, it has been said, is like a clown without a
sense of the stage. When even without a curtain call
it leads artistes away, the visually arresting scene
from Ingmar Bergman’s
Seventh Seal
grows clear in
memory. Malayalam cinema has lost a host of its
talent this year. Personalities who stood tall in their
respective calling in the industry, and were the
guiding lights have made an exit: actors, producer,
lyricist, music director, director, each an epitome of
what Malayalam cinema stands for.
Those were the times when a comedienne
or vamp did not require good looks. Pankajam who
had everything in her to become a heroine, did not
shun the lesser presence on screen.

S Pavamani
, who like many of his
contemporaries was leading a life away from the
spotlight. However, his death affords us an
opportunity to estimate Pavamani’s contribution to
the film industry.

was a dignified presence in the Malayalam
films of the Eighties. A product of the Adyar Film
Institute which has gifted several names to our
cinema, Srinath came with the advantage of knowing
a lot of talented people in the industry, but he was
always reluctant to seek a role.

Venu Nagavally
and Srinath. Venu Nagavally was not just an actor, he
was screenplay writer and director too.  The route he
took to filmdom was different. He did not dream of
a career in films.
M G Radhakrishnan’s
career as a singer of
film songs, with 'Unniganapathiye' composed by K
Raghavan. The songs ‘Shaarike shaarike’ in
'Sarasaiyya' and ‘Pallana aattinte theerathu’ rendered
by him under the direction of Devarajan are
remembered to this day. 

Kochin Haneefa
started off as an actor,
then donned the mantle of screenplay writer and later
that of director. He was a success in all spheres he
ventured into, be it in Malayalam or Tamil cinema. Even
when busy directing films, he continued to act with the
same vigour.

Girish Puthenchery.
He is among those who redeemed Malayalam film songs
from the lows it had touched.  The maiden song was
‘Madhuramaayi malaraayi’ written for Akashvani, Calicut.
Songs for
inaugurated an era of lyricism in films.
Johnny Walker
that put him in the orbit. With lyrics
for over 330 films, the last was for
Pranchiettan and the

which reached theatres after his demise.
P G Viswambaran
is a titan in that sense.
The part he played in rescuing the industry from a major
downward slide cannot be ignored.
belonged to this category of actors. Though he
donned many roles in films and serials,  he was still waiting
for a role that would match his talent, when death came

Aziz’s(P M Abdul Aziz)
was a personality different from
and one that could not be compared to others in the film
world. The first alumnus of the FTII to direct a feature film
in Malayalam, Mankada Ravi Varma made his beginning
as cinematographer in Aziz’s  “Aval” (1967).

Chelangad Gopalakrishnan
who brought to light the fact that there
were two Silent films made in Malayalam. This year saw
the demise of the first historian of Malayalam Cinema. 

Mannarkayam Baby
the founder secretary of the Film
Critics’ Association for over three decades conceived the
Film Critics’ Award and made it a prestigious reward for
good films and its makers.

A Ayyappan
had a weakness
for good cinema. He was a regular presence at the IFFK,
year after year bringing alive the screening venues

Santha Devi
In her twilight years she appeared in “Bridge”
the Anwar Rasheed film, which was part of the ensemble
film “Kerala CafĂ©”. 

Ravi Varma
, has bowed out. The rapport he struck with the
Masters and his understanding of what he was expected
to do for an idea or a frame, translated into works that the
national and international  repute to Malayalam films.

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