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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The winds of change were already creating ripples in the
literary scene. These young filmmakers, some of them from
the film institute, and others inspired and sustained by the
film society movement, went on to produce a series of
films that flouted all norms. They boldly did away with the
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linear narrative modes the audience were addicted to and
worked with new faces in front of the camera and behind
it. And they introduced a host of new talents – actors,
cinematographers, editors, scenarist etc, who were to
dominate Malayalam cinema in the coming decades.
Some of them like Adoor Gopalakrishnan, KR Mohanan,
John Abraham, G S Panicker, KG George, Devdas etc came
from the film institute while filmmakers like Aravindan, KP
Kumaran, TV Chandran, Pavithran, Raveendran etc came
from other art and progressive movements. Some of them
like PA Backer, PN Menon, Padmarajan, Bharathan, M T
Vasudevan Nair etc came from the industry itself. And there
were brilliant technicians like P R Nair, Ravi, Mankada
Ravivarma, Madhu Ambat, Ramachandrababu, Vipindas etc
and film critics like Kallikkad Ramachandran, Vijayakrishnan,
Shanmughadas, Neelan, TMP Ned
ungadi, Koya Muhammed
etc, and publications like Film  Magazine, Drisyakala, etc to
support and sustain these films and filmmakers and to
transform it into a movement.
Through their films, writings,
publications, screenings and discussions, they thus also
created an audience for their kind of cinema.
They all shared a kind of revulsion towards the existing
aesthetic of commercial mainstream cinema and tried to
work with new themes, and techniques, actors and
technicians. Their inspirations were not incestuous but
drawn from the various movements and waves that were
rocking cinema all over the world.

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